Concept / Partner


We partner up with building owners, operator or companies to provide the best wellness space and services.

what we do

Solo60 is a unique concept that creates a network of exclusive micro-gyms and therapy spaces from unused real estate for people and professionals to book solo, with friends or to train and treat clients from 60 minutes: 

1. We turn 100-1000 sq. ft. sites into beautiful state-of-the-art wellness spaces (gyms, therapy rooms or treatment rooms).

2. Each site is filled with premium design and equipment chosen by leading health & fitness professionals.

3. Each space is designed to be used for solo workouts, group sessions, or for pros with clients.

4. Our connected spaces allow users to enter by themselves via an app whilst we run the network centrally.

Why partner with us

Our partnerships with owners, operators and companies are endless.

By having Solo60 as your wellness partner, it gives you access to our gym and therapy spaces across London (and soon every major city). plus we work with our marketplace of professionals to provide 1:1, group training, therapy and more on-demand to your employees, residents or guests.

Each partnership gets access to a business dashboard too so you know you are getting value from us and giving value to your team. 


We are looking for innovative operators or companies that want to enhance their wellness experience through space or services.

To request more information, please contact us for our partnership presentation, a discovery call and a FREE space consultation. Our managed partnership experts take care of everything to get you started.