How old do I need to be to use a Solo60

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Due to the nature of Solo60 being exclusive, unmanned sites, you must be 18+ years old to have an account with us and use our service. Some exceptions can be made for people supervising others. If you have a request to bring somebody under 18 years old, please contact:

How do I access my Solo60 after booking

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Click 'Sessions' in the bottom navigation bar and select 'Active' if you're within 12 hours of the session or 'Coming Soon' if you session is beyond that. You'll find the PIN to the door and all relevant site information in the 'Details' screen from the 'Active' tab.

Why can’t I see my PIN

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Your PIN code will only show after your cancellation procedure expires, currently set at 12 hours. If you're booking inside the cancellation procedure, you should allow 2 minutes for the PIN to show.

Why does my PIN not work

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When entering your PIN, some of our locks will flash red even when operating correctly. Please push or pull the door as normal and it will open. You can also try entering the PIN again as it may not have synced to the door yet if the booking was very recent. If problems persist, please call our Customer Success team using the 'Support' tab in-app.

How can I log on to the WIFI and Bluetooth

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Click 'Sessions' in the bottom navigation bar, click 'Active' and click on 'Details'. Scroll down to see all your session information.

All sites have further instructions to help you with any set-up issues.

How can I play my own music

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Every Solo60 will have a Bluetooth button situated near the TV or entrance. Click the button with the Bluetooth sign on and head to your Bluetooth settings in your phone. Click the device name (see your site information for more detail) and you’ll hear the speaker connect.

All sites have further instructions to help you with any set-up issues.

What do I do at the end of my session

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Please clear up the gym and ensure the bathroom and WC is tidy. You can refer to our House Rules for more information.

Leave the gym on time, shut the door behind you and press 'End Session' in the 'Details' of 'Active' to notify us you’ve finished. This is important to prevent any late leaving fees.

How can I report a problem?

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Click the 'Support' bubble icon in-app and click to 'Report A Problem'.

What shall I do if I’ve left something in a Solo60

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Please contact us via email on or phone 020 3744 3360 and we’ll arrange an entry for you to retrieve any forgotten items. All left items will be placed in the Lost Property box to be picked up at a later date.


How does booking with credits work

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Purchase a credit pack of choice and these credits will become automatically visible on your account. We use dynamic pricing algorithms so you’ll see different credit amounts in-app depending on the session selected. The pricing is based on time, popularity and duration. Simply book the session and the credits spent will be removed from your total.

How do subscriptions work

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Each subscription has a time limit which you can see under the pack above or in-app under 'Manage Your Subscription'. At this time (1, 2 or 3 months), the credit pack will expire if you cancel - don't worry, you can do this immediately after purchasing if you wish as all credits will remain until your expiry, even after you cancel.

You can book 2 weeks ahead with credits and book past your expiry/renewal date, however, if you cancel sessions beyond your expiry/renewal date, the credits will not be returned. Any remaining credits will be lost.

How much does it cost to book with friends or clients

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• If you invite 1 friend, the price is as listed
• 2-4 friends gets a discount up to 50% per person
• Additional friends after 4 don't incur a charge
• Rewards for group sessions of 1 credit (see Profile)

The Lead of the group will receive a credit back as a reward for organising the session of 3+ people. You can track and redeem rewards on the Profile page.


• If you invite 1-2 clients, the price is as listed
• 3-4 clients gets a discount up to 50% per person
• Additional clients after 4 don't incur a charge

What is the cancellation policy on credit packs and sessions

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When signing up to a credit pack, you can cancel anytime and the credits purchased will expire in 1, 2 or 3 months as annotated on the pack.

You can cancel a session free of charge before 12 hours from your session start for a full credit refund.

Click 'Sessions' in the bottom navigation bar and click 'Coming Soon'. Choose the session you’d like to cancel, click 'Details' and scroll to the bottom to press 'Cancel Session' followed by the confirmation.

What happens if I cancel a session

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If you meet our Cancellation Policy, any credits spent will be refunded to your account to use for another session. 

Why are credit packs and sessions priced differently 

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The larger the credit pack, the cheaper the price per credit is. Sessions are priced differently depending on if they are super off-peak, off-peak or peak sessions.

How do I know how much I am paying per session

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You can divide the credit pack cost by the number of credits and then use that number to work out how much an individual session costs. We use this system to make it easier to manage the demand for different times and days.

What if I run out of credits

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Head back to 'Credits' page and top-up with a pack. Please note, your current subscription will be unaffected and continue running as normal until cancelled so a top-up pack will be additional credits only and valid for 1, 2 or 3 months dependent on the pack. If you cancel your subscription, you can still always purchase top-up packs.

What if I don’t use all of my credits

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Any unused credits will be lapsed and therefore means you will lose access to them once your expiry date hits.

When purchasing a session, your latest purchased packs will always be used first.

However, if you book a holiday or have other commitments that prevent you from using your credits, you can email our Customer Success team using the Support page, who can extend these in certain circumstances.

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